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Million Dollar chixx is ​more than just a ​financial status; she's a ​mindset, a lifestyle, and a ​force for good in the ​world.

“Taking bold steps to revolutionize the landscape of mental and financial health for women and girls, one solution at a time."

A Million Dollar chixx is not just about money; it's about having a millionaire mindset. She approaches life with ​confidence, resilience, and a positive attitude, knowing that her worth goes beyond her bank account.

Women. Wellness. Wealth

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Our impact

Equity and ​Inclusion

Mental and ​financial ​health

We are committed to ​creating an inclusive and ​equitable community ​where every woman, ​regardless of race, ​ethnicity, socioeconomic ​background, or other ​identities, has equal ​access to opportunities ​for financial wellness and ​mental health support.

Taking bold steps to ​revolutionize the ​landscape of mental ​and financial health ​for women and girls, ​one solution at a ​time."



"Breaking down ​systemic barriers to ​economic success by ​advocating for policies ​that support fair ​wages, financial ​literacy, wealth ​accumulation, ​affordable childcare, ​and access to capital.


Creating safe and supportive spaces where women can come ​together to share their experiences, resources, and strategies ​for overcoming financial challenges, and to collectively work ​towards solutions.

Advocacy and ​Action

We are dedicated to ​advocating for systemic ​change and challenging ​the structures that ​perpetuate inequality and ​injustice. Through ​advocacy efforts and ​collective action, we work ​to dismantle barriers to ​financial wellness and ​mental health care, ​ensuring that women's ​voices are heard and their ​needs are addressed.

Our Initiatives

InvestHer Summit

Chixx Thrive ​Collective

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TrUs Your Money




It's not just about wealth; it's about ​transforming your relationship with ​money and unlocking the path to ​financial well-being, allowing you to ​live a life aligned with your dreams ​and aspirations."

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Identify your ​money ​Mindset

Mastering your money is an act of ​self-love,

Shaping a brighter and more secure ​future.



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Welcome to our collective, where we champion equity, ​empowerment, and transformation for women through a lens of ​financial justice and mental wellness.

At our core, we believe in the power of community, collaboration, ​and advocacy to dismantle systemic barriers and create a world ​where all women have equal access to financial resources and ​support. Our commitment to intersectionality drives us to address ​the unique challenges faced by women from diverse backgrounds, ​ensuring that our work is inclusive and responsive to the needs of ​all.

Through education, advocacy, and support, we empower women to ​take control of their financial futures, build resilience in the face of ​adversity, and advocate for systemic change. We recognize that ​financial wellness is not just about dollars and cents, but also about ​mental and emotional well-being. That's why we prioritize holistic ​approaches to wellness, providing resources and support to help ​women navigate the intersection of mental health and finances.

Together, we are building a community of resilient, empowered ​women who are working towards a future where financial justice is a ​reality for all. Join us in our mission to create lasting change and ​transform the lives of women everywhere.

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Discover the stories that inspire us! Girl, it’s no secret ​we are luminating women who break barriers, inspire ​change, and light the way for others.



Born and raised in New Orleans, I embarked on a journey driven by childhood dreams and a ​passion for science and art. Starting with humble experiments in my grandmother's ​bathroom, I forged a path in chemistry, earning my bachelor’s degree from Dillard University ​and venturing into diverse industries. Through internships with industry giants like Mary Kay ​and Exxon, I honed my skills and insights. Furthering my education with an MBA from LSUS, I ​founded Zenistry Labs, pioneering a multi-industry testing and manufacturing lab, spanning ​37,000 sqft. As a Black woman CEO, I'm committed to reshaping the cosmetic industry's ​practices and safety standards. Additionally, I founded STEM Unlimited Global Impact, a ​nonprofit dedicated to promoting diversity in STEM fields through education and job ​opportunities. These ventures embody my dedication to innovation, inclusivity, and ​education, driving positive change in both industry and community.

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TrUs Your Money


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"I'm not just budgeting; I'm investing in my dreams and aspirations."

Wealth is more than numbers; it's the freedom to live life on my terms."

from surviving to thriving

Imagine a space where financial education meets personalized empowerment, where knowledge is transformed into action, and where dreams become achievable goals. Our platform offers tailored resources, from interactive courses to expert guidance, designed to equip you with the financial education and savvy needed to build wealth, break barriers, and shatter glass ceilings.

Self-care isn't an expense; it's an investment.

Many financial wellness solutions do not adequately address the intersectional experiences ​of women and girls including those from diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic ​backgrounds.

Tailoring financial education and resources to account for these intersecting identities is ​crucial to ensure inclusivity and effectiveness.


With your help, we can provide essential resources, educational opportunities, and ​advocacy efforts that create real and lasting change. Together, we can create a ​more equitable and inclusive world where every woman has the opportunity to ​succeed and thrive."



Mink Gaudet

Mink, a certified financial therapist and the visionary founder of Million Dollar Chixx, ​brings her 16-year entrepreneurial journey, financial mental health advocacy, and a ​triumphant story of surviving domestic abuse, high school challenges, and teen ​motherhood. Mink embodies the profound connection between finance, trauma, and ​faith. Drawing from her own remarkable experiences, she dedicates herself to ​teaching women how to transform their complicated relationship with money into a ​foundation for building enduring legacies.

Identity is a prison you can never escape,

but the way to redeem your part is not to run from it, but try to understand it, and use it as a foundation ​to grow. - Jay Z

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Million Dollar Chixx is a transformative femme social impact collective under the auspices of Rhysen Inc, 501 c3 . #46-3798592

Million Dollar Chixx is creating safe inclusive spaces that provide resources and tools to address the intersectionality of financial wellness, including mental health ​support, stress management techniques, and culturally sensitive approaches to financial planning and goal-setting.

The organization is dedicated providing financial education resources that addresses the unique financial challenges and opportunities faced by BIPOC women.